Space Club is the new interactive education and outreach initiative by Kilimanjaro Planetarium that seeks to engage people in scientific, technological, and Engineering activities, symposia in Tanzania. The aim is to give practical skills to students and attract them to get into science.

SPACE CLUB project is dedicated to promoting science and technology using astronomy, astrophysics and telematics tools and concepts, encourage imagination and exploration through the moon, stars, planets, and satellite-based tracking devices. Astronomy has the ability to spark a sense of wonder and curiosity in people, and it is an amazing platform aim to encourage people to pursue science, technology, and exploration.


The project has two streams – school visits and public events which include partnerships with lodges and hotels. We regularly visit both government and private schools, and expose students to a variety of astronomy tools, resources, and concepts…In addition to that we train students how to install tracking devices to motorbikes and vehicles as an initiative of ensuring security to the society. Giving students practical, hands-on experience with astronomy and telematics is important if we are to inspire young people to be the scientists of tomorrow.

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