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Kilimanjaro Planetarium is an exciting STEM project that aims to inspire students to explore the wonders of the cosmos and pursue a career in science and innovation. This project utilizes a mobile dome and a telescope to provide an immersive learning experience for students, as they discover the mysteries of space, including the moon, stars, planets, galaxies, and constellations. Since the launch of the program, Kilimanjaro Planetarium has already reached out to 15,000 students across various regions of Tanzania. 

We are the only astronomy company in Tanzania with globally competitive services.
Our company is deeply committed to fostering science, technology, and innovation by utilizing the tools and concepts of astronomy and astrophysics. We strive to ignite imagination and curiosity through the exploration of the stars and planets. Astronomy possesses the remarkable ability to evoke a sense of wonder, making it an excellent platform to inspire people to pursue science, technology, and exploration.
Surprisingly, despite telescopes being in existence for over 400 years, a vast majority of people in Africa have not had the opportunity to experience looking through one. The Kilimanjaro Planetarium initiative is determined to change this by bringing the wonders of the telescope to those who haven’t experienced it before. This project not only provides a telescope and a dome but also incorporates a High Altitude weather balloon. This innovative addition empowers students to gather data on weather patterns and atmospheric conditions from high altitudes, granting them invaluable hands-on experience in weather science and data analysis.
Additionally, our Kilimanjaro Planetarium project offers students an engaging and entertaining way to interact with science. Through interactive and fun activities, we make science enjoyable and accessible. Similar to how the Kilimanjaro mountain’s height presents a challenge that people overcome to reach its summit, the Kilimanjaro planetarium inspires students to believe in their dreams. It nurtures their creativity and imagination, propelling them to explore new horizons and uncover the limitless possibilities of science and innovation.


Our journey began in 2021 when Founder Musa Mishamo visited Science Centres in developed countries. Witnessing the disparity in Science exposure between children in Africa and those in Europe and America left him feeling deeply saddened. Musa was uncomfortable with the fact that while people in first-world countries were contemplating missions to the moon and Mars, many in Africa had never even looked through a telescope. Recognizing the need to take a step towards space exploration, the idea of Kilimanjaro Planetarium was born.

As science communicators, we recognize the significant role we play in disseminating scientific research and information to children, parents, teachers, and the general public. We understand our ambassadorial responsibility to innovators, inventors, and researchers alike.

Biography of the Co-Founder

Musa Mishamo Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Eng. Musa Mishamo
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Musa is a passionate advocate for empowering youth and fostering innovation through project-based endeavors. With a background in Agricultural Engineering, Musa has made significant contributions in the realm of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology, having worked with esteemed companies like Trimble Inc of USA and Leica Geosystems, a division of Hexagon based in Switzerland.

As a seasoned field application engineer, Musa has been instrumental in implementing precision solutions that revolutionize diverse industries such as agriculture, digital construction, surveying, and mapping. By leveraging expertise in GNSS technology, Musa has successfully bridged the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical applications, making a meaningful impact in these domains.

Through dedication and a demonstrated track record, Musa continues to inspire and create new avenues for the younger generation to explore, encouraging them to embrace innovation and seek solutions that address real-world challenges. With a commitment to driving positive change, Musa’s journey of empowerment and transformative work serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring minds in Africa.

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